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Building a business can be a rugged experience. Young companies face numerous challenges as they seek to grow and gain traction. For founder leaders it is invaluable to have an experienced guide to share the load and make success come a little easier, perhaps a little faster and with fewer mistakes.

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We guide and mentor exceptional entrepreneurs as they take their innovative ideas and disruptive technologies and turn them into successful businesses.

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Meet Ram Shriram

Meet Ram Shriram: Background

Ram Shriram
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Ram Shriram started Sherpalo in January, 2000, with the goal of applying his wealth of operating and company building experience to promising early stage ventures. As a technology industry insider for over 25 years he has worked in companies large and small across all functional areas and through fluctuating business cycles. He is always eager to roll up his sleeves and work closely with founding teams on the challenging issues that confront and sometimes confound early stage ventures.

Ram's knowledge of and advice on issues ranging from raising venture capital, key management hiring, making the right product choices and defining and adapting the business model to changing market conditions can help you to secure early customer wins, build momentum from a standing start, and generate international growth.

A hallmark of Ram's success is the ability to create the right DNA for a young growth company with a focus on revenue and profitability, by establishing a virtuous cycle of talented employees/owners and happy customers/users. Ram enjoys the process of turning founders' dreams into successful businesses and takes a long term view that serves as a guidepost for decision making. Ram is thoughtful, cerebral, easy to communicate with, deeply committed to the tasks he undertakes, and has a keen intuitive sense for what works in the marketplace.

Ram has partnered with the venture capital industry and its many famous and successful members all across Silicon Valley. Because of his domain and market expertise, he brings a unique value to the building of companies with successful outcomes that fits well with the value offered by venture capital firms.

In 2008 and 2009 Ram was ranked number three on the Forbes list of top tech dealmakers, and in 2007, number six on top ten kingmakers in tech by Business 2.0 magazine. Ram is a Charter Member of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs).


Immediately prior to founding Sherpalo, Ram served as an officer of Amazon.com working for Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO. Ram came to Amazon.com in August, 1998, when Amazon acquired Junglee, an online comparison shopping firm of which Ram was president. While at Amazon, Ram helped grow the customer base during its early high growth phase in 1998/1999. Before Junglee and Amazon, Ram was a member of the Netscape executive team, joining them in 1994, before they shipped products or posted revenue. He drove the many partnerships and channels that Netscape employed to get massive distribution for its browser and server products during those now legendary early days of the Internet.

Ram is a founding board member of Google Inc. and 247-inc.com. He also serves on the boards of PaperlessPost.com and Yubico.  Ram is a vice-chair of the Stanford Board of Trustees, as well as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is an early supporter of MagicBus.org and Gooru.org.




Photo credit: Maria Ly
Photo credit: Maria Ly

To guide and mentor exceptional entrepreneurs in taking their disruptive ideas and technology and turning them into successful businesses.

We're looking for innovative entrepreneurs with an idea - a great idea - who have started to gather a team, develop a plan, and design the defensible technology to bring the idea to fruition.

Building a business can be a rugged experience. Young companies face numerous challenges as they seek to grow and gain traction. For Founder leaders it is invaluable to have an experienced sherpa guide to share the load and make success come a little easier, perhaps a little faster and with fewer mistakes.

We've done this before at some of the foremost online companies of the decade, including Google, Amazon, and Netscape.


Sherpalo works with only a few outstanding teams each year, in order to devote the time, energy and resources required to guide a fledgling company to the summit of business success.


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